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"Nano Web Tech Professionals have been an asset and we are very happy and pleased with the Team work. We would continue to do business with them again in the future."

Client's Feedback

  • 1. I can tell, based on my extensive background in outsourcing and working in IT sector that NANO Web Tech Limited Team with their level of professionalism and coding practice and skills ranked themselves as high end provider. They are very competent and they start to ask right questions from very start which helps a lot in situations when you need quick and efficient execution. Their reports are extensive and current and they give clear and honest explanation of any possible breaches or bugs and they work with good effort to provide cutting edge solutions with numerous reviews of developed code so it's just shine at very best and high level. So, I can recommend them without any hesitation for mid-to-big size projects (like mine) and they can take it very easily. And not only that, but they are striving for perfection so they are fixing all small related bugs to default job so you can expect even more from them then you ask. As it's now I'm very pleased and looking forward to form long term base.
    ( Rastko(Thomalex INC),Miami,Florida (USA))
  • 2. Excellent work. I continue to use team Nano for projects. (Josh Holt, USA)
  • 3. I hope we will work with them again in the future. (Daniel Polo, Spain)
  • 4. Excellent work. Great communication. Your team is talented. Thanks. (Guru Allen, USA)
  • 5. OUTSTANDING provider! Quality work, fast turnaround, couldn't be better! (Jonathan, Canada)
  • 6. Excellent quality, speed, and work. Always a pleasure dealing with Nano Tech. (Blue Wave, USA)
  • 7. They stepped up when I was in a bind. They did great work on short notice. Will certainly hire them again. (Larry Turk, USA)
  • 8. Always a great help and sticks to deadlines and follows guidelines for work, pleasure to work with!!(James Alford, USA)
  • 9. Pleasure to work with!Very professional and timely. ALWAYS STICKS TO DEADLINES, very good!!(Helan Linda, USA)
  • 10. Great Design Team!!!!Made a very professional web site!!I highly recommend them!!!!I will use you again.(Dr. Martin, Malta)
  • 11. Another perfect job by Team Nano. 5 stars Team is a superb providers. Will use again. (Jasmine Hill,USA)
  • 12. Great work. Evaluation of site is underway, and will certainly work with this company again. (Matt Colmer, Canada)
  • 13. The work was completed with great results; I would highly recommend this team. (Jian Tam, USA)
  • 14. Good quality of work and very professional. I’ll definitely recommend Team Nano for future. (Tom Hensin, USA)
  • 15. Nano web team was very cooperative and got the job well done and on schedule. (Edward Wang, USA)
  • 16. This was my first project and was pleased with Team Nano work. I will continue to use Team Nano for future projects. (John D, USA)
  • 17. Thank you for patience. You performed on your own without detailed WBS. Will use again. (Ken Yoo, USA)
  • 18. Nano web worked hard and efficiently. Thank you. (Chris Ormiston, USA)
  • 19. Great job, will hire them again for sure. (Burtay Arat, USA)
  • 20. Thank you for your prompt, courteous service! Excellent work!(Andreas Pirimets, Sweden)
  • 21. Great job. Great communication. Very skilled work. Thanks!! (Alan Stewart, Australia)
  • 22. An excellent job done, efficiently, on time and on budget. Nice work. (Alax Marquez, Germany)
  • 23. Nano web team is very professional and will work till the customer is satisfied. (Eric, USA)
  • 24. Thanks for all your hard work! (Sean Patrick, Poland)
  • 25. Finished work in time frame and fixed any and all glitches with no questions asked. (Lars Anderson, Canada)
  • 26. Fantastic, job was finished in no time.(Luis Catarino, Australia)
  • 27. Many thanks Team Nano. Excellent work, delivered fast and without any hassle or problems. I will definitely be hiring again in the future. (Donald Murphy, USA)
  • 28. Team Nano did an excellent job making my wire frames and ideas a reality. I will definitely use them again for ongoing design projects in the future. (Mark Cultura, USA)
  • 29. I'm highly satisfied with the results of this job; this team has delivered a perfect result on a tight time schedule! Will definitely work with again! (Herry Jalandra, USA)
  • 30. Very Professional. Provided great work in a timely manner. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a provider for the services they offer. Thanks so much!! I look forward to working with this team in the future. (David Alimi, USA)
  • 31. I recommend Team Nano because :- gives creative solutions- excellent quality- good communication- very flexible- ultra fast (Darek Chachere, Spain)
  • 32. Excellent work, creative design, and response. Consistent online presence and cooperated well with the needs for my wordpress blog. (Carey Dureya, USA)
  • 33. Excellent communication and work. Delivered as promised. Will definately give more projects to Nano Web Tech! (Agostoni Nicola, USA)
  • 34. We look forward to working with Team Nano to complete all future tasks, and to working on further projects with them. (James Hannah, USA)
  • 35. It is a real pleasure to work with Team Nano. They are reactive, coding quick and well, with the right questions when he faces an issue. I will use them again.(Ryan Hache, Canada)
  • 36. Thanks for a job well done on the SQL Stored Procedures laying the ground work for future web development. (Patrick Henrik, Navada)
  • 37. Another exceptional job by Team Nano! High value, quality work, fast turnaround time, and great communication. What else can one ask for?(Asoto, Canada)
  • 38. Team Nano did great work and worked very hard. I'm glad to have worked with this team and might work with them in the future.(Mark Bolin, Canada)
  • 39. Nano web team were available when I needed them to work on the project, understood what was required, and made sure the work was completed. (Luke Metcalfe, Australia)
  • 40. Team Nano answered and addressed concerns quickly, and was available for chat online frequently.Were able to provide custom website solution in very little time. (Ross Kitchens, USA)
  • 41. Nano Web has completed the work very quickly and accurately as always. We look forward to working with them and the company.(Kervin Pierrey, USA)
  • 42. Satisfied with the results. Good quality work, no comments on that.Clear daily report, good English communication.Will most likely work with them again!(Josh Bander, Australia)
  • 43. Very willing to assist and available when they said they would be. I recommend team Nano to other buyers. (Gary Muller, Newzealand)
  • 44. Nano web team is a skilled team; they have no problems understanding our needs and we completed the job in time. (David bodnick, Dominican Republic)
  • 45. Nano Web provided requested Photoshop mock-ups quickly. Responded to feedback and made changes. Design elements were clean and well-prepared. I recommend this provider. (Derek Price, London)
  • 46. Nano Web team is a good oDesk provider team. They have been able to complete all of the tasks I have asked from them. (Cody brown, Australia)
  • 47. Project looks awesome. Exactly what we were looking for. If you would like to view it yourself, here is the link: B. USA)
  • 48. I was amazed at the speed in which they got a beautiful looking website designed and cut up. I will be continuing to work with these peoples. (Arnt Bloch, Norway)
  • 49. Great to work with.I am pleased I chose this team.He delivered as promised and communicated at all stages of the project.I would gladly work with them on future projects. (Ibrahim Turan, Netherlands)
  • 50. Great job. Had them recreate a bill for a "how to read my bill" document and it was done very quickly and precisely. All the way down to the barcode!!! Thanks team Nano. (David Hill, USA)
  • 51. Did a great job with getting quick HTML and graphic tasks back to me. Very reliable and very easy to work with, follows instructions well. Will definitely use team Nano again for this sort of work. (Brian Hendel, Canada)
  • 52. Team Nano is incredible! They started my web site from scratch and had a near perfect site in less than 24 hours!! They are very easy to work with and very accessible. I will hire them again!
  • 53. Another fine job. I assigned the task before I went to bed and the team had it finished before I woke the next morning. It wasn't hacked HTML either, it was well written with correct use of CSS. Great job! (Ben Austin, United Kingdom)
  • 54. It was a good experience to work with Nano web team along this project. We are happy with the result. Maybe we can work together again in the future. Thank you & Best regards,David CL-TEAM
  • 55. The Nano Web did everything that we needed to have done and did what they could to ramp up to our project very quickly. I will definitely consider them on future projects. (Li Xia, Australia)
  • 56. It was a pleasure to work with Team Nano. Although the project was quite small and quick, they were passionately involved in finishing it on time. Good Job! (Kinvara Corbett, United Kingdom)
  • 57. This team’s work has been really professional, accurate and very quick to adapt to our working methods. All of the work was completed to our standard and we would like to carry on working with them. Thanks for a superb job! (Jason Chaney, USA)
  • 58. Nano Web team displayed a very high level of professionalism in developing this project. I would recommend this team to anyone looking to develop a web project. I will use them again. (Ian Thomson, USA)
  • 59. Nano completed the job in a timely manner. Very responsive, patient, and courteous. This is the second project Nano has completed, and they are consistently exceeding expectations. (Gary Finlay, USA)
  • 60. Nano web team was a great help with the CSS AJAX development on our site. It was a pleasure working with them and I would recommend them for future work. (Fenan Otero, Bogota)
  • 61. Just a wonderful team to work with no need to micro-manage and that is huge for any business person! I am providing the highest recommendation possible as i know your project will be done above-and-beyond what we expect!
  • 62. Nano web team did a great job with our website. They are good communicator and were responsive to all our requests. They also have a very good design sense for websites. Thanks Team Nano.(Blake Versiga, USA)
  • 63. I couldn't justify anything less than a 5 for Team Nano although there is always room for improvement for everyone.Team Nano certainly completed the project on time, it works the way it should work and we're all good. (Barrey Muller, United Kingdom)
  • 64. Technology Guru / Nano Web are a really brilliant team. They work very hard to find solutions for technology savvy projects. They are also a great source for research and development of new concepts. We appreciate their work and patience through tough project requests :). I wish them much success in future projects.(Fawn Weaver, USA)
  • 65. Team Nano has provided an exceptional job on this project. Everything requested was completed to a high standard and on time successfully. I highly recommend Team Nano Tech to anyone. Definitely looking forward to doing business with them again. Thanks again for the fantastic job. (Bill Voss, USA)
  • 66. Team Nano is an excellent technical resource and I highly recommend them. They were able to understand my business quickly and provide excellent suggestions on functionality. They performed all tasks on time and were also able to adapt quickly to changing requirements. Very talented and professional. (Albert P. Canada)
  • 67. Team Nano took very challenging project of mine. Even after the allotted amount of hours we agreed on they stayed on to work for free to make sure everything was done the way I needed it to. I am still continuing to work with them on other projects.(Shawn Fultz, USA)
  • 68. Team Nano were able to complete the assignment well. They were able to accomplish this work using php, ajax, javascript and combine these with skill and expertise. Fantastic work! I would consider hiring team Nano again for other projects that may arise. Thanks Team Nano!!! (Rastko Llc, USA)
  • 69. The team provided me very good service. The work was complex and there were issues, but they professionally worked with me and we concluded the project well. I am very pleased, and am already working with them on the details for the next project. (Mike Williams, London)
  • 70. We are really happy with the work completed by Nano Web. Their method of communication was professional and very clear. All of the work was carried out as we requested. We would definitely recommend working with Team nano; we look forward to a long working relationship with them. (Keith, USA)
  • 71. Gave Nano team a UI developers nightmare - a highly styled interface (drop shadows etc) with a requirement of it being a liquid layout. We connected within a few hours of posting the job and they started work the next day. Got back some good work in about a week ... thanks Team Nano. (Brandon Barclay, USA)
  • 72. The team at Nano Web Technologies again delivered exactly what they were supposed to. The work was completed with high quality and on time. We are very happy with the way our product has turned out using the Nano Web Technologies team. They are very good at keeping you updated on a regular basis, and their availability on Gmail chat is great. We definitely plan on continuing to use this team! (James Spittal, USA)
  • 73. I worked with Team Nano for over 3 months and it was a pleasure to work with. They were the head web developer’s for a major e-commerce website and handled to role very well. Their programming skills were exceptional as they showed excellent knowledge in PHP, MySQL, AJAX, XHTML and CSS. They were very dedicated, self motivated and able to complete all tasks provided. I would highly recommend Team Nano. (Gary Garris, USA)
  • 74. Working with Team Nano was a true pleasure: not only did they do a good job; most of the time they managed to surprises me with how quickly they completed various jobs I gave them! Team’s communication skills were a joy to work with, as they understand my needs perfectly and they personally make sure that they are met with speed, accuracy and always on time. I highly recommend working with them. (Enrique Garibey, USA)
  • 75. I needed help in re-designing my original webpage started by a family member. Technology guru stepped in and did an excellent job for me. I am happy with the results and the process was very easy. The company was always available and communicated with me on all of the details. I would use their service again and highly recommend them to do webpage designing and updating. (Daniel Miller, USA) 22. Job was completed quickly, accurately, and to specification. I was very pleased with the work done and with the communication and availability of the team. I’ll work with team Nano again soon. (Carlos Flores, Canada)
  • 76. This team is very hard working and very committed to client satisfaction. This was a large, fairly complicated project and this team handled it very well. Right from day one, their attitude was we will give you exactly what you want, and they were very committed to doing that. This is a team that sticks by their commitments and sees a project through successfully to the end. They are also very meticulous when it comes to keeping the client informed on the status regularly. I would receive a status update in my e-mail at least once a day. As a client, we were very particular about the aesthetics of the website which meant a lot of extra work for this team on the front end, which they did happily just so that we were satisfied. Also since this was a large project, at times we didn't know exactly what we wanted in particular situations and they were very helpful in providing guidance, and being flexible so that we could get exactly what we wanted. We are very happy with the performance of this team and have every intention of using them for our future work as well. Thanks a lot team Nano Web for all your hard work! (Paul Money, Canada)
  • 77. This is the third project for which we have used the Nano Web team, and they have really done an outstanding job. Having worked with them before, they knew our expectations and the attention to detail that we like. They kept this in mind right from the start of the project and created something that we were extremely happy with and needed very few fixes at the end. As usual, they were easily accessible, they sent regular status reports each day, and fixed issues brought up in a timely manner and with no hesitation at all. The product that they created for us is exactly what we had in mind right from the start of this project, with each and every one of our requirements fulfilled. We are very, very pleased with the outcome and have no hesitation in strongly recommending the team at Nano Web to anyone else.(Frank Feruch, USA)
  • 78. This is my 3rd time working with this team and they have been very professional and understand the user’s needs and are very responsive to your questions. I am a .NET developer myself and when I took a look at their code for our site I saw very high quality code which lets me know their staff is very knowledgeable. I had a great experience working with them and will use them and recommend them to anyone. Our site is heavily dependent on .NET, Silver light and flash and we were able to get all that done with them in a timely manner. (Damon S. USA)

Why nano web tech ????

About Nano Web Tech Limited:

Nano Web Tech is a certified ISO 9001:2008 quality accreditation's (CMMI Level 3 equivalent). We are registered with the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), a premium society set up by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India. We also have an accreditation from ASSOCHAM which is a trade association of Indian Industrialists & Business Process Outsourcing Industry. Team work, dedication & passion is the success mantra of our spirited web developers who will provide you with best in class services by aiming to be the most trusted responsive web design company. We are a pro at client satisfaction, responsiveness to our deadlines & cost efficiency.

  1. Nano believes in its motto, “Enlightened IT for business”. This means, we will provide you all-round solutions for your business that helps your business to grow.
  2. We work very differently to many other web development companies simply because we were born out of a team of very professional designers and programmers who have in depth knowledge and technicality required to handle projects of any complexity.
  3. Not only are we technically sound but are completely client oriented and understand their concerns very well.
  4. At Nano, timely service is provided to its clients with efficiency as Nano believes in its principle, “Cost is directly proportional to quality”.
  5. Nano follows Agile Software Development Methodology and during the course of project development, involves its clients using Scrum Approach.
  6. Nano being a master responsive web design company, it has made believed in converting ideas to web applications.
  7. With its excellent communication it establishes with its client’s, it’s easy to bridge the geographical gap between the developers & clients. Nano believes in achieving its business targets faster, establishing better communication with its clients, providing high quality results & reduced costs.
  8. Our professional Programmers write clean code and APIs that are easy to maintain.
  9. We will deliver our client's with better Readable/Robust source code
  10. Nano provides a professional environment to its employees with high standards of integrity. Every project is unique and we realize the value it brings to you. Your project will be in safe, confident and highly skilled hands at Nano Web Tech Ltd.


Always a great help and sticks to deadlines and follows guidelines for work, pleasure to work with!!(James Alford, USA)

Pleasure to work with!Very professional and timely. ALWAYS STICKS TO DEADLINES, very good!!(Helan Linda, USA)

Great work. Evaluation of site is underway, and will certainly work with this company again. (Matt Colmer, Canada)

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