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Core Php

PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language designed for web development. It helps in creating the dynamic pages. Instead of lots of commands to output HTML, PHP pages contain HTML with embedded code. Much of its syntax is borrowed from C, Java and Perl with a couple of unique PHP-specific features thrown in. PHP is a powerful scripting language.PHP helps in reducing the time consumed in creating large websites. It also allows creation of shopping carts for e-Commerce websites.

It’s an open source language, used primarily for dynamic web content and server side applications. PHP is extremely simple for a newcomer and offers many advanced features for a professional programmer.

It’s advantage over JavaScript is that it runs on the web server rather than on the viewer’s personal computer.

Few top features of core PHP:

  • Open Source (Only one file encrypted)
  • Easy code
  • Support Most payment vendors
  • Uses templates and languages system that keeps your customize
  • Normalized Database Layout.

ADMIN area

  • Unlimited category and sub category creation.
  • Image compression and generation by either
    • -GD
    • -ImageMagick
    • -Non compressed
  • Payment manager: decided what payment gateways are to be allowed.
  • Language-translator: all user side language in plain text files.
  • User friendly installer etc.

Way NanoWebTech works with CorePHP

  • We follow the coding standards of the PHP
  • The latest version of PHP is used
  • We use PHP frameworks to build web applications.
  • We use PHP as it allows the designers and developers to create highly usable and exclusive websites.

Why nano web tech ????

About Nano Web Tech Limited:

Nano Web Tech is a certified ISO 9001:2008 quality accreditation's (CMMI Level 3 equivalent). We are registered with the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), a premium society set up by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India. We also have an accreditation from ASSOCHAM which is a trade association of Indian Industrialists & Business Process Outsourcing Industry. Team work, dedication & passion is the success mantra of our spirited web developers who will provide you with best in class services by aiming to be the most trusted responsive web design company. We are a pro at client satisfaction, responsiveness to our deadlines & cost efficiency.

  1. Nano believes in its motto, “Enlightened IT for business”. This means, we will provide you all-round solutions for your business that helps your business to grow.
  2. We work very differently to many other web development companies simply because we were born out of a team of very professional designers and programmers who have in depth knowledge and technicality required to handle projects of any complexity.
  3. Not only are we technically sound but are completely client oriented and understand their concerns very well.
  4. At Nano, timely service is provided to its clients with efficiency as Nano believes in its principle, “Cost is directly proportional to quality”.
  5. Nano follows Agile Software Development Methodology and during the course of project development, involves its clients using Scrum Approach.
  6. Nano being a master responsive web design company, it has made believed in converting ideas to web applications.
  7. With its excellent communication it establishes with its client’s, it’s easy to bridge the geographical gap between the developers & clients. Nano believes in achieving its business targets faster, establishing better communication with its clients, providing high quality results & reduced costs.
  8. Our professional Programmers write clean code and APIs that are easy to maintain.
  9. We will deliver our client's with better Readable/Robust source code
  10. Nano provides a professional environment to its employees with high standards of integrity. Every project is unique and we realize the value it brings to you. Your project will be in safe, confident and highly skilled hands at Nano Web Tech Ltd.


Always a great help and sticks to deadlines and follows guidelines for work, pleasure to work with!!(James Alford, USA)

Pleasure to work with!Very professional and timely. ALWAYS STICKS TO DEADLINES, very good!!(Helan Linda, USA)

Great work. Evaluation of site is underway, and will certainly work with this company again. (Matt Colmer, Canada)

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